Ranking Round Up

The British Fencing Association runs a system of national rankings for fencers in each weapon and a number of Saxons have such rankings. This is a slightly complex system whereby in any designated National Open or International competion, any Fencer finishing in the last 64 or top 3/4 of the field (whichever is less) scores points based on a formula based on the size of the field, the quality of the fencers competing and the fencer’s finishing position. The ranking is based on the best six results in the previous 12 months, on a rolling basis (are you following so far?).

Men’s Foil

David Standen, although he has slipped back from 162nd to 199th is still the highest ranked Saxon Fencer, after earning recent ranking points at Slough and Hampshire.

Fred Thomas’ ranking is slightly handicapped by his only competing in one Open per year. Nonetheless, as he did better at Slough than last year, earning him 263rd place.

Wayil Eisa earned his first ranking points at the Mersyside Open, moving him onto the ranking ladder in the Men’s Foil in 415th place. This will improve rapidly as he fences more tournaments.

Edz Maldroom missed out on qualification at Slough and points at Hampshire, both by the narrowist of margins. However after a year of steady improvement including a number of good results, he ranks 261st.

Men’s Epee

Saxon’s sole representative outside of the foil is Grant Smith in the Men’s Epee. His points at Slough have at least slowed down his plummeting ranking, putting him in 219th.

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