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Chichester Open

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Men’s Foil

Nick Mort – quarter finals (5th)

David Standen – quarter finals (7th)

Christopher Mollard – last 16

Edz Maldoom – last 16

Paul Lowen – last 32

Clyde Fare – last 32

Paul Harden – last 32

Oliver Robinson – last 32

Martin Standen – last 32

Congratulations to Nick and David for making the last 8 and to Edz for knocking out Paul L in the last 32.

Men’s Epee

Alexander Seale – last 64

Womens Epee

Lucy Maldoom – last 32

Full results can be found here

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Club Tracksuit!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Saxon Fencing Club is bringing you a club tracksuit, and it’s coming very soon!  You’ll even be able to personalise it with your name so people know who you are.  Watch out for the new page on the site this week which will be called ‘Club Kit’ and an email from the club.

“When can I get it?”

Soon!  By next week (28/05/12) there should be a new page on the website and the email containing the order form will be send out.

“What sizes are available?”

Extra Small (XS) Chest: 38-40 inches
28 inches

Small (S) Chest: 40-42 inches
30 inches

Medium (M) Chest: 42-44 inches
32 inches

Large (L) Chest: 44-46 inches
34 inches

X Large (XL) Chest: 46-48 inches
36 inches

XX Large (XXL) Chest: 48-50 inches
Trousers: 38 inches

XXX Large (XXXL) Chest: 50-52 inches
Trousers: 40 inches

Sizes can be mixed and matched.

“How do I order?”

You’ll be able to order either online or in person through the website or the order form respectively.

“When will it come?”

The cut off date for all orders is June 10th, when it’ll be sent to the manufacturer with about a 4 week turnaround.  We should, barring any incidents, have them by the Norfolk Open.


Excited yet?  We are.

Keep your eyes peeled for prices, designs and the order form!

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Brighton Open 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Mens Foil

Christopher Mollard – semi final (3rd)

Paul Lowen – quarter final (5th)

Paul Harden – last 16

Patrick Dempsey – last 32

Nick Mort – last 32

Edz Maldoom – last 32

Martin Standen – last 64

Womens Foil

Zoe O’Shea – last 16

Mens Sabre

Ben Usher – semi final (3rd)

Alistair Venn – last 16

Laurence Knott – last 16

Womens Sabre

Zoe Sumra – semi final (3rd)

Mens Epee

Alexander Seale – last 16

Womens Epee

Lucy Maldoom – last 16


Well done to Christopher Mollard, Ben Usher and Zoe Sumra for getting the best results of the weekend.

Results can be found here

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May National Rankings

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Mens Foil

43     C Mollard

59     D Standen

81     P  Lowen

82     N  Mort

83     E Maldoom

131 P Dempsey

217  P Harden

247 M Thomas

436  A Chatterton

461  O Robinson

481 M Abdel-Jawad

481 A Brown

481 W Eisa

Womens Foil

169 B Lowen

199  X Roe

199 T Reid

Mens Sabre

119 A Medhurst

237 Ben Usher

239 L Knott

240 Joshua Eardley

264 A Venn

Womens Sabre

100 Z Sumra

Mens Epee

424  A Gun Cuninghame

541  A Van De Kamp

551  L Knott

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