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Competition Results for March 2011

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

British Veterans Championship 5.3.2011

Two Saxons made it to the Veterans’ Foil in Gloucester this year. Paul Harden came 44th while Paul Lowen came 14th but still managed to confirm his selection for the British Vets squad for the World Championships in October.

Invicta Foil  19.3.2011

A total of six Saxons made to the Invicta in Canterbury this, with Edz Maldoom now fighting under the Saxon banner, this obviously inspired him so that when he met fellow clubmate Chris Mollard in the first round of the D/E he beat him. The other notable event of the day was the return to competitions of Nick Mort, who if there had been a prize for the loudest shouter of the day would have won this easily.
The final results for Men’s Foil tries were:

  • P.Lowen 10th
  • P.Dempsey 18th
  • N.Mort 22nd
  • E.Maldoom 26th
  • P.Harden 34th
  • C.Mollard 39th

National Rankings as at 31.03.2011

Men’s Foil
100 D Standen (as Manchester Uni.)
107 E Maldoom
108 P Lowen
125 P Dempsey
148 W Eisa
161 C Mollard
301 N Mort
419 P Harden
438 J Oates (as Gadaski)
Women’s Foil
20 A Mitchell (as Aldershot)

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