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Paul Lowen finishes 11th at York Open

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Paul Lowen was the sole Saxon to travel to York for the Open this weekend just gone, the results as follows:

Men’s Foil

L16 – Paul Lowen

Results can be found here

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Nick Mort makes the last 16 at the Bristol Open

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

This year’s Bristol Open happened on the weekend of 20th/21st September, and 4 fencers from Saxon fencing club made the journey to compete in the second open of the season.  Saxon have made it two weekends in a row with a really big last 16 result.

In a field of 97 fencers for the Men’s Foil, the poule results ended up as:

30th V5D1 Lagattolla

41st V4D2 Mollard

48th V4D2 Mort

This year the Men’s Foil was one of the events being held in a world cup format where the top 16 before the day were given byes to the last 64, and the further top 16 after the poules were also given byes to the last 64.  Everyone else would have to fight for the remaining 32 places to make the last 64 by winning one fight.  As such, Lagattolla was given a bye with virtue to his rankings and Mollard and Mort were left to fence in the pre-lim round of 64 winning 15-1 and 15-10 respectively.

In the last 64, Christopher and Nick were fencing tough opponents.  Christopher lost 15-6 to Nicolas Collignon of UCl and Sussex House, whereas Nick came through his encounter with fellow vet Jonathan Weekes of Salle Boston (who was recently selected to represent Northern Ireland at the upcoming Commonwealth Fencing Championships) 15-11.

In the last 32 Nick faced a tough opponent in Daniel Feaster, after a lengthy and tough fight Nick prevailed 15-10 to make the last 16.  In the last 16 Nick drew his good friend Ben Peggs (British national team member), who was merciless by beating Nick 15-3.

In the Women’s Sabre, Patrycja was the only Saxon representative and made the last 32!

Well done everyone, great job.

Final results

Men’s Foil

L16 – Nick Mort

L64 – Raffaele Logattolla

L64 – Christopher Mollard

Women’s Sabre

L32 – Patrycja Marczewska

Full results can be found here

Nick, Ben and Nick Nick, Ben and Nick 2 Nick v Ben Nick v Ben 2 Nick v Ben 3 Nick v Ben 4 Nick v Ben 5

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No fencing this Thursday (18th September)

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Twyford School have told us that they need to the sports hall on short notice, so there will be no fencing this Thursday 18th September.  We are trying to find an alternative venue, however unless you hear otherwise via the Saxon Facebook (like us to stay up to date), the website or by email assume there is nothing on.

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Leon Paul Sabre Open – results

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Three Saxon fencers took part in the second Leon Paul Sabre Open, their results can be found below.

Mens Sabre

L64 – Ben Usher

Womens Sabre

L64 – Patrycja Marczewska

L64 – Constance Goulletquer

Full results, including poules and DE scores can be found here

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William Price makes the last 16 at the Essex Open

Monday, September 15th, 2014

On a chilly Saturday morning, two car fulls of Saxon fencers made their way to the Essex Open (147 fencers) for the first tournament of the senior domestic season.  The day didn’t get off to the best start, but with an entry list boasting one Olympian and five other fencers ranked in the top 10 of the British Fencing rankings the poules were predictably tough and read as follows:

50th V4D2 – William Price

61st V3D3 – Nick Mort

67th V3D3 – Christopher Mollard

94th V2D4 – Patrick Dempsey

95th V2D4 – Paul Lowen

117th V1D5 – Paul Harden

In the last 128, William was the only fencer who prevailed by winning 15 – 11 against a nemesis in his age group.  Nick fell 15-7 to Luke Deamer in a hard fought fight where the score did not reflect the performance.  Christopher lost 15-13 to Alex Schwindlein, Patrick lost out to Paul Stanbridge, Paul Lowen lost also and Paul Harden went out to Jacques Viljoen of South Africa.

In the last 64, William drew Scott Brodie (who was recently selected to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships) and overcoming him 15 – 6.  In the last 32 William found himself fencing Charlie St John and narrowly coming through 15-14 after having lead 14-11.  William’s last 16 opponent Alex Lim (Canadian national team member) played a tactical game and used pacivity as a way of shortening the match to his advantage.  He came through 15-6.

Final results

L16 – William Price

L128 – Nick Mort

L128 – Christopher Mollard

L128 – Patrick Dempsey

L128 – Paul Lowen

L128 – Paul Harden

Intermediate Tournament

Gold – Michael Lown

William v Brodie William v Brodie 2 Michael Lown with Gold William v Lim William v Lim 2 William v Lim 3 William v Lim 4 William v Lim 5 William v Lim 6 William v St John William v LSt John 2 Peggs 1 Peggs 2



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British Fencing Start of Season Rankings

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Men’s Foil

41 Christopher Mollard

59 Nick Mort

78 Raffaele Lagattolla

85 Paul Lowen

191 William Price

215 Clyde Fare

235 Patrick Dempsey

275 David Lennon

341 Michael Thomas

Women’s Foil

34 Oxana Mikhaleva

99 Zoe Sumra

Men’s Sabre

95 Ben Usher

137 Sun Trisuramongkolchote

180 Adrian Medhurst

231 Alistair Venn

247 Joshua Li

Women’s Sabre

49 Zoe Sumra

71 Constance

Men’s Epee

603 Alex Seale

The full British Fencing rankings can be found here

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Leon Paul BSC Men’s Junior Foil – results

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Men’s Junior Foil

William Price – last 64

Full results, including poule sheets and DE scores can be found here 

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