National Rankings – August

With only 1 month and 1 tournament left of the 2013/2014 season, the race is on to see what final ranking fencers can achieve, we’re looking good!   The August rankings for Saxon fencers are shown below:

Mens Foil

33 David Standen

40 Christopher Mollard

59 Nick Mort

77 Raffaele Lagattolla

84 Paul Lowen

189 William Price

211 Clyde Fare

234 Patrick Dempsey

274 David Lennon

338 Michael Thomas

Womens Foil

2 Dominique Szokolovics

100 Zoe Sumra

Mens Sabre

104 Ben Usher

147 Sun Trisuramongkolchote

189 Adrian Medhurst

251 Alastair Venn

270 Joshua Li

Womens Sabre

49 Zoe Sumra

Mens Epee

597 Alexander Seale

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