January National Rankings

Mens Foil

47     Christopher Mollard

65     David Standen

68     Paul Lowen

86     Nick Mort

97     Edz Maldoom

155  Patrick Dempsey

193  Paul Harden

227  Wayil Eisa

242  Alex Williamson

420  Alex Chatterton

449  Oliver Robinson

463  Jeremy Oates

475  Anthony Brown

Womens Foil

169  Beth Lowen

Mens Sabre

183  Adrian Medhurst

Mens Epee

280  David Standen

522  Arthur Gun Cuninghame

This is the first time that the club has had 5 fencers in the top 100, well done to them.  Saxons have had a brilliant 12 months of competition, bring on the next!

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