Competition Results for July 2011

A very quiet month, however there are now four Saxons in the top 100 of men’s foil.

Norfolk Open  – 16th  July

Chris Mollard and Edz Maldoom travelled up to East Anglia. Edz came 18th and Chris came 22nd.

National Rankings as at 31.07.2011

Men’s Foil
63 P Lowen
78 C Mollard
90 D Standen (as Manchester Uni.)
93 E Maldoom
134 P Dempsey
162 W Eisa
182 N Mort
248 P Harden
444 O Robinson
452 J Oates
550 R Albesa

Women’s Foil
157 B Lowen

Men’s Epee
279 D Standen
491 A. Gunn Cunninghame

Men’s Sabre
243 A Medhurst

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