Competition Results for February 2011

Slough Open 5.2.2011

This year’s competition held in Rickmansworth saw eleven entries from Saxon members plus one from Alex Williamson (a friend of Chris Mollard) who guested as a Saxon and came 24th. This was a strong competition especially in the ladies foil where approximately 40 out the 45 fencers were in the top 100, Alice Mitchell came a very good 7th. Edz Maldoom entered under the 126 banner and had the misfortune to have Wayil Eisa in his pool who beat him and effectively put him out of the last 64.

The final results were:

Men’s Foil – 87 entries
P.Lowen 31st
W.Eisa 56th
D.Standen 58th
C.Mollard 59th
P.Dempsey 62nd
J.Oates 77th
E.Maldoom (as 126 still) 79th
P.Harden 83rd

Saxon men foilist at Slough

Women’s Foil – 45 entries
A.Mitchell 7th
B.Lowen 37th

Men’s  Epee – 120 entries
D.Standen 31st

Saxon women foilist and epeeist at Slough

Hampshire Open 12.2.11

Patrick Dempsey did well and came 13th out of 52 entries.

Merseyside Open 19.2.11

Wayil Eisa took a week off from partying to brave the wilds of the North West and got a good result of 23rd out of 72.

National Rankings as at 28.2.11

Men’s Foil
102 D Standen (as Manchester Uni.)
109 E Maldoom (as 126)
120 P Dempsey
132 P Lowen
139 W Eisa
171 C Mollard
432 J Oates (as Gadaski)
438 P Harden

Women’s Foil
17 A Mitchell (as Aldershot)

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