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Guildford July 2007, Bowden Cup report.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007


Saxon teams took a number of trophies home from the Bowden Cup mixed team competition in Guildford.

Saxon fielded two teams. The Huscarls, named for the household warriors of Saxon nobility, was led by Paul Lowen, who fought foil along with epeeist Grant Smith and Sabreur Simon Whitaker.

The Fyrd, after the feudal levy which made up the bulk of Saxon armies, consisted of captain and foilist Michael “Fred” Thomas, Kin-Ming Looi with his epee and the slashing blade of Andrew Ashmore. They quickly gelled as a team, taking a perverse pride at their implied peasant origins.

Episode 1- Poules

Eleven teams were entered and each fencer fought in a poule unique against all other fencers of his weapons. Paul won the foil outright, with only one defeat and nine victories, winning a very fetching engraved tumbler for his efforts. Fred also had a strong result, attaining 4th place for his 7 up, 3 down.

In the epee, Grant fenced well, peppering feet and knees to take second place (and an equally fetching, if slightly smaller, glass tumbler) with 9 up 1 down, whilst Ming held his own with 5 wins out of ten to finish 7th.

Unfortunately the Sabreurs struggled somewhat. Simon was disappointed with his eighth place and Andrew propped up the table with one solitary victory.


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