Meet the Coaches

Coach | Lance Larsen

Over twenty years coaching experience. Professor of fencing from British academy of fencing. Prevost D’armes from Ecole Nationale de Maitre D’armes. Dinard, France. Leader level, Coaching Effectiveness Program. Olympic training center, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Coach | Oksana Babaeva

Specialist Diploma in Physical Education and Sport from the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Education 1989. Holder of the Soviet Master of Sport Degree. Five time senior national foil champion of Uzbekistan. Appointed junior national coach 1998. British Fencing level 4 coach.

Coach | Jon Sloman

Information to follow

If you would like a lesson with a coach there is a sign up sheet at the entrance to the hall, every Thursday. Please put your name down with the coach you would like and the coaches will do their best to fit everyone in on a first come, first serve basis.

Meet the Committee

Chair and Welfare Officer | Michael “Fred” Thomas

Foilist, Sabreur and Epeeist. He has been fencing for thirty years and Saxon member for over ten. In 2010 won 3 bronze medals representing England in the vets Commonwealth Games in Australia. Professor of cognitive neuroscience by trade, and father of twins.

Secretary & COIVD-19 Officer | Alex Seale

Information to follow

Picture TBC

Honorary Treasurer | Paul Harden

I fenced as a youngster many years ago but gave it up for 28 years. Started again about four years ago and I wished I had never stopped. If I had belonged to a club like Saxon I doubt if I would. Still competing and recently qualified as a coach.

Picture TBC

Membership Secretary| Sally Price

Information to follow

Committee Member General| Nick Mort

Information to follow

Club Captain | Paul Lowen

Information to follow

Social Secretary | Sharon Thomas

Information to follow

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Armourer | Allan Coleman

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Saxon Notice Board

AGM 2024

Our Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 25th March

March 20th, 2024

March 21st

Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel the 21st March – both the juniors and the main club night

Apologies for the short notice , this is due to Twyford School and beyond our control

March 13th, 2024

Christmas 2024

This week we will be open as normal

Closed on December 28th

Back open on the 4th January

(Junior classes back on the 11th January)

December 17th, 2023

Saxon Novice Competition 2022

The 12th Saxon Novices Foil was held on Sunday 14th April

Thank you to all the referees, armourer and other volunteers who helped run the event. 

There were 32 entries, medallists below

1Robbie SorohanSaxon
2Mehrad BozorgzadehSaxon
3TEduardo RomeroSaxon
3TWilliam Tay-RussellKingston
Men’s Foil

1Keesha BesticSaxon
2Urte JakaiteHilllingdon
3TAmina RahmanHillingdon
3TMiranda Lopez-SmithHillingdon
Women’s Foil

March 21st, 2023

Recent Results

FCL Open

London Regional

March 21st, 2023

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