White Horse Team Trophy 2012

The White Horse Team trophy welcomed 17 teams this year, including 4 from Saxon.  The Housecarls  won the gold medal.  The teams were made up of the following Saxon fencers:

1 Housecarls: Foil – D.Standen, Epee – A.Johnson, Sabre – N.Mort

2. Fyrd:  Foil – E.Maldoon, Epee – P.Lowen, Sabre – A.Medhurst

3.Thegns: Foil – C.Fare, Epee – T.Hinckey, Sabre – A.Venn

4. Ealdormen: Foil – P.Harden, Epee – A.Seale, Sabre – P.Marczewska

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