Success for Saxon in Scotland

Raf, Nick, Christopher, Sun and Ben on day 1
Raf, Nick, Christopher, Sun and Ben on day 1 of the Scottish Open

Results from the Scottish Open 2014

Mens Foil

Raf Lagattolla – last 8 (5th)

Nick Mort – last 8 (7th)

Christopher Mollard – last 16 (9th)

Womens Foil

Oxana Mikhaleva – last 8 (8th)

Mens Sabre

Ben Usher – last 16 (9th)

Sun T – last 32

Womens Sabre

Constance Goulletquer – Bronze

Full results can be found here

The semi-finals and finals of all weapons were streamed live by Scottish Fencing, with the recordings shown below.

Day 1: Mens Foil, Womens Foil and Mens Sabre currently unavailable

Day 2: Womens Sabre, Mens Epee & Womens Epee

Congratulations to all that made the trip, it was a successful weekend!

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