National Rankings – End of Season

Mens Foil

25 D Standen

26 P Lowen

33 C Mollard

74 N Mort

88 E Maldoom

101 C Fare

150 G Papp

165 P Dempsey

206 P Harden

458 R Albesa

=507 M Standen

=507 G Trainor

Womens Foil

183 Z Sumra

201 C Wilton

Mens Sabre

109 B Usher

151 A Venn

153 A Medhurst

193 L Knott

213 S Whittaker

Womens Sabre

36 Z Sumra

Mens Epee

205 A Seale

539 A Gun Cunningham


Congratulations Saxons, it’s been a successful year for the club on the competition club. ¬†Long may it continue next year.

Full rankings lists can be found here.

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