Beazley British National Championships

Men’s Foil Individual

Christopher Mollard – 28th

David Standen – 31st

Paul Lowen – 32nd

Edz Maldoom – 56th

Nick Mort – 58th

Clyde Fare – 67th

Men’s Foil Team

Saxon entered two teams on the the Sunday, who finished 9th and 13th in a field of 13 teams.

Saxon A – 9th

Christopher Mollard
David Standen
John Pryor
Nick Mort

Sussex House B 45 – 25 Saxon A – lost

Combined Services A 29 – 44 Saxon A – won

Saxon B – 13th

Edz Maldoom
Paul Lowen
Clyde Fare

Salle Paul A 45 – 17 Saxon B – lost

Fighting Fit A 45 – 22 Saxon B – lost

All results can be found here

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